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Here to Help You Find Your Place in Defending, Perfecting, and Living American Ideals

What We Do

The Paper Patriot Society brings together passionate individuals that help each other make and sustain change by acquiring useful knowledge in the domains of culture, politics, and law; and using that knowledge to weave those changes into the fabric of society.

Who We Are

The Paper Patriot Society is made up of people with a wide variety of skills, interests, and expertise who believe in the freedom secured by the Constitution for the United States of America. While there is often a certain amount of overlap in their activities, they are organized according to their primary area of focus. There are three general areas of focus represented by the icons in the society's logo:

The Shield

Those associated with the "Shield Wall" are primarily concerned with the study and dissemination of Philosophy, History, and Law. 

Their intent is to foresee the impact and evolution of current events and to discern truth. The work done by the Shields often serves to inform the direction and focus of action among the other two groups.

The Spear

The Spears are driven by a hunger for justice and change. Whether by protest, education, commerce, philanthropy or legal action, they strive to actively shape the world around them. Regardless of their specific means of engagement, they adopt a utilitarian view when measuring the success of their efforts to decrease human suffering.

The Pen

The Pen represents a class of individuals who are primarily concerned with connection and unity. Their goal is to get people on the same page, to connect the dots between what their audiences know and what they don't. The vital role a Pen plays is most obvious when seemingly opposing parties stop bickering and start talking.

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Thomas Jefferson

“The most sacred of the duties of a government [is] to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens."

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