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Projects for The Paper Patriot Society

Updated: Jan 15

To those new to The Paper Patriot Society, Welcome!

For those who aren't yet familiar with us, feel free to check out our home page.

Below is a list of projects that have been approved by members of The Paper Patriot Society:

Near Term

The "Grateful American" project:

Using social media and the Paper Patriot platform to gather a list of concrete reasons people are grateful to live in America and are proud to belong to this great nation.

  • The list will be used to commission art work that can be used for display on banners, clothing, websites, etc.

  • Each item on the list will be accompanied with a brief written, verbal, or video record of the submitter's account of the context behind their submission.

  • A committee in The Paper Patriot Society will be tasked with researching submissions to the Grateful American project to determine what aspects of our history and culture contributed to making them possible. They will seek to understand where and how those contributing factors are protected or threatened.

The Patriot's Liberty Journal:

Every time a citizen of the United States of America encounters something that they feel, believe, or know is a limit on their freedom they can record the experience in the Liberty Journal. Templates, guides, community, and other resources will be provided to learn about these things, to find out what can be done to remove these impediments to liberty; and to organize a community that will do so.

The Minute Man Research Framework:

Our goal here is to build a framework that allows people to keep a Freedom Project they care about moving forward 5 minutes at a time. This will be a way to organize thousands of intelligent but inexperienced individuals to work in a decentralized way to make progress on an issue they care about. They'll build a cathedral one brick, one instruction, one thought at a time.

Which near term project is your favorite?

  • The "Grateful American" project

  • The Patriot's Liberty Journal

  • The Minute Man Research Framework

You can vote for more than one answer.

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